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We actually dress up like this at home and take turns being different characters! And it, um, it helps our…our…relationship!

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In 1987 I auditioned for a show called Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Now, I must admit that I went to this audition with some hesitation. After all, it was a rehash of a cult-status sci-fi series and it had had a profound effect on the original cast members’ careers. But since I was unknown, unemployed, and unclear as to where any of this was headed…I went.

What I didn’t know that I was becoming part of something much larger than just a new TV series.

I was becoming part of a phenomenon.

- Denise Crosby, Trekkies.
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Uh, Denise, what are you doing?

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Denise’s face, oh my god.

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scuse me yar, but

what the fuck is going on here

what the actual fuck

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FUCK YEAH, DENISE CROSBY. If only this was how security officers really dressed.

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